Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Why Rancid Rants?

If you know me, you know that everyday I leave my house I am blown away by the inconciderate pricks that inhabit this earth. The things I deal with on a daily basis whether I'm driving, shopping or working, have become enough to put a crutch on life. This is my blog dedicated to letting it all out. Blogging- It's cheaper than a therapist.

I'm especially blown away by big box stores. You know, the places that strive to be nothing more than mediocre, especially when it comes to customer service.

A couple weeks ago I was looking for a small fence for my peas or some chicken wire.. anything. I asked the man in the blue smock with the name tag that said "supervisor" if he had any such thing. He told me to go look inside because he works outside in the garden centre. *blink blink*

I can't help when people talk of customer service to think back to this time when Ashton was very young and I had to run into Walmart for one thing, probably diapers. It's unusually windy and frigidly cold in this particular Walmart parking lot on the edge of the city surrounded by... prairies. Anyone who's a mother knows how hard it is to juggle strollers and carseats, a new born baby and the diaper bag. Oh and don't forget the purse or you'll have to juggle it all back out to the parking lot taking on 4 foot snow banks and ruts with your stroller to which you're now wondering if you can purchase winter tires for. All I wanted to do was run in and run out, which we all know is nearly impossible in big box stores. To my surprise there was a parking spot designated for new mothers open. What great luck! Until I'm cut off by a 1980's beat up chevy-something-rather. The man, who I would place somewhere in his thirties based on his receding hairline and ankle biting jeans, steps out of his car wearing a *gasp* red walmart smock. I'm told the red smock is to distinguish the managers from the unimportant blue smock wearing employees. The incident was surprising to me at the time, because I was under the impression that stores strived for excellent customer service. I am no longer naive and now know that a store with always low prices, need not follow the rules of customer service. Save money, Live better.

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